My Choice

This photo was taken in 1914, six years before women gained the constitutional right to vote. Some of the male onlookers seem astonished at this woman's sign. I wonder how they'd feel today?
This photo was taken in 1914, six years before women gained the constitutional right to vote. It must have required courage for this woman to face all those men and simply ask for the right to make her voice heard.

Voting sure is fun! For me and many others. I like it because it gives me a chance to express myself and exercise my one-in-127-million-voters muscle. Okay, so one in 127 million votes doesn’t make much difference, but on the other hand, it leaves me with a sense of belonging. I can be part of a beautiful democratic process that is much bigger than me, but that still bothers to include me.

And for nearly 100 years, since 1920, it’s also included women. I’m glad about that, but I wish women had been included right from the start. And I feel disappointed that we’ve never had a woman president.

My choice in this year’s election is Hillary Clinton. Perhaps you’re undecided. If you are, please tell me: how in the heck could you not know, after all that’s gone down over the past 18 months? I’m not criticizing you. No, I’m just fascinated. Let’s talk about it.

In the interest of healthy debate, here are my reasons for choosing Clinton:

  1. She’s a woman. I’ve made up my mind that whenever a man and a woman are running for office against each other, I will vote for the woman IF she is EQUALLY or better qualified for the job, compared with the man. A tie goes to the woman because we have far fewer women in political office than men. I want the diversity we can get from hearing the voices of both genders. I’m tired of the same old tired male “logic” we’ve been getting from all the pricks who’ve held power these past thousands of years. Besides, if you really want to vote for an outsider who doesn’t belong to the establishment, a woman has always been your best bet. Even when she’s Hillary Clinton. Why? Because she’s a woman, and not a man.

  2. She’s been involved in public service most of her adult life. She’s proven herself as a public servant. She’s given her life over to helping people. And she’s gained many decades of great experience at it.

  3. She’s calculating. This isn’t just my assessment, this is also an accusation from her critics. I consider it an asset. When she’s in office, I expect she will use her calculating intelligence to deal effectively with both our enemies and allies. I want my president to be calculating. I believe we’re safer that way.

I’m sure I can list many more reasons, but these are enough. Now here are the reasons why I did not choose Trump:

  1. He sexually assaults women. That’s what he’s said. He claims to kiss them without invitation. He grabs their pussies. And he walks in on both women and girls while they are undressed, so that he can “inspect” their bodies. He has bragged about this, on record. I need women and girls to be treated respectfully. But I expect that while president, he will set an example that many men will feel emboldened to follow in the way they treat the female gender. And I feel sick when I consider this.

  2. He has no experience in public service. Nix. Nada. Nyet. His only claim to sacrifices he’s made for the American people is that he’s “created thousands of jobs”, “built great structures”, and has “had tremendous success”. I’m not misrepresenting him. That’s exactly what he’s said. That’s how he defines “sacrifice”. I might vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton if he was running against her for CEO of a real estate company. But as a public servant, his experience is literally nothing compared with Clinton’s.

  3. He seems crooked. He’s stiffed contractors. He’s been accused of running a fake university and bilking students out of their life savings. And he gave a $25,000 “donation” to the Florida Attorney General, from his “charity” foundation, after she indicated she might investigate Trump University. She then decided not to investigate.

I’m sure I can list many more reasons, but these are enough.

If you are still undecided or if you support Trump, then by all means leave a comment. Maybe I’m missing something. Let’s see if we can have a fun, healthy debate over it. But I must warn you, you’ll never be able to change my choice. And it’s not because I’ve closed my mind.

It’s because I’ve already voted.


13 thoughts on “My Choice

  1. I’m liking Jill Stein more and more, but I live in a swing state where the vote is going to be tight. Whoever wins Ohio usually wins the election, so I guess I have to do my part to make sure it isn’t Trump. I want to vote Hillary about as much as I want to have a root canal at the dentist — which is to say, not at all, but I will if it will stop the rot from spreading.

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  2. Clinton is crooked because she used email. Also she’s a liar because she lied once or twice. Also Benghazi – because she didn’t grab an AR-15 and flew right away to Libya, people died because of her. And that doesn’t even count my whole recent list why being a woman makes her a terrible choice.

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    1. Being a woman didn’t make her a terrible choice. Americans very much want a woman president. But she has to be perfect. Otherwise we have to settle for the likes of Trump. Who, by the way, does consider himself to be perfect.


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